Speaking about Health

The way we speak about Health guides what society looks for as solutions.

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People seek for health solutions which are safe, high quality, effective and non-invasive to enable self-healing to increase wellbeing and healthy living. For each person the best treatment is the one which will work for them.
Narratives guide the way we think and what we concentrate on.
So to have the health we wish for we must guide what we talk about.
  • We have talk about the autonomy of health care professionals so that they can seek the best solution for each individual patient.
  • We should talk about integrative health where all options are considered.
  • We have to talk about holistic view of the patient. 
  • We should talk about clinical decision-making based on combined insights from scientific research and patient/practitioner experience.
  • We should talk about working with the regulator to make sure we do not deprive patients of valid choices.
  • We should talk about freedom, safety, life choices, personal ownership of one’s health.
  • We should talk about hope for patients.
Here you will find articles which illustrate what we should be talking about. We explore the press in various cultures and languages, all over the world and especially in Europe. Here you will find health values which are waiting to be recognised and spread.
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